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The Honeycomb


The Honeycomb Podcast is a series of Conversations with local UX experts about advancing and advocating UX in the Charlotte Metro area.


The Honeycomb™ is Charlotte's first UX, Tech, and Design podcast, in partnership with IXDA Charlotte.

The host, The UX Icon, sits down with local UX leaders, UX experts, startup founders and educators, and non-profits, to discuss the latest trends within the tech, Design and UX industry and the future of UX in Charlotte.

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about the host

The UX Icon, aka Natasha McMichael, is a Charlotte native and strategic design leader in the design, tech, and UX fields focused on innovation and merging fields. 

Her focus is on improving the work of human-centered designers, making better design-focused leaders.

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IXDA Charlotte and The Honeycomb have partnered to bring unique content to the UX community.

IXDA Charlotte is the local chapter of the global nonprofit design organization, IXDA. It advocates UX and cultivates professional growth through educational events, mentorship, and networking.  


Bookings / The UX Icon, theuxicon@gmail.com